Canadian Candle holders for Christmas

A great alternative to Christmas lights!

Canadian Candle holders (being creative in the cold Canadian Winter)

Being Canadian, we are very resourceful while making the best of the many seasons we are fortunate to experience.  Here is an idea for some outdoor Canadian candle holders for the Christmas season – a fun project that is very easy, sustainable, and won’t cost more than a few dollars. Northern winters are very cold and dark, so why not take a few moments to add some light and warmth during the festive season!

How to make a Canadian Candle holder

How to make a Canadian Candle holder


How To Make a Canadian Candle holder:

1.) One large container (we used a ribbed coffee tin for added effect – notice there is no lip on the top).

Use a large coffee tin.

Use a large coffee tin or container

2) One small container –  it needs to fit inside the larger container with about a 1″ gap between the sides of the containers (shown below).


Plastic container example

small container example


containers with 1" gap between the sides

containers with 1″ gap between the sides

3) Add enough water into the large container to create a 1″ or 2″ base.  Set outside and allow to freeze.

4) Once the base layer is frozen, place the smaller container inside the large container – it should rest on top of the ice. Weight down the smaller container with a heavy object to keep it in place.

5) Pour the water into the space between the two containers, then set outside and allow it to freeze.  Remember – there is no need to fill the inside of the small container.

pouring water

add water to the form

Note:  In some instances, we added food dye to the water to create coloured layers for a creative and unique effect. Here we used red food dye to colour the water.  Add as much dye as you like – we used about 10 drops to make the red that we wanted. Multi-coloured layers are easily created by simply taking a little extra time to freeze each desired layer individually.

coloured water

example of red coloured water

6) Once the water has frozen solid, release the candle holder from the form (coffee tin) by running the sides under hot water.  The smaller container will also release with hot water.  The finished form will be hollow inside – with plenty of room to hold a candle and protect the flame.

releasing candle holder

releasing the candle holder from form with hot water

Don’t worry about the melted wax from the candle – it will pool and cool within the candle holder form. After all, it is made of ice!

Here is final product of our work!

Ice candle holders

A Great Canadian Winter Craft