Helpful hints on how to look your best for your photo shoot!

How do I look my best for my photo shoot?

People often dread their upcoming photo shoot.  

A few reasons could be:

  1. you don’t know what to wear
  2. you don’t know how to pose
  3. you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera

Whatever your reason for your level of discomfort, there are a few simple rules to help you look your best for your photo shoot!

Keep it natural!  Natural is always better.

This is why I love taking pictures of children – when they are busy doing what children do, I am able to get the best pictures.

Here’s an example of a little girl running – doing what children do best . . . play.

Her head is down, she is busy and most of all . . . she isn’t even aware of the camera!













This one is mostly for the girls!

Watch the heavy makeup!

When you over apply makeup, it shows.  The camera never lies and there is nothing worse then seeing it over-applied. I tell women to wear makeup but keep it as natural as possible.  The area that you should focus on (no pun intended) is the eyes.  Accentuating the eyes is perfectly fine and applying your makeup so that they pop is great!  Eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadows are the perfect combination to accentuate your eyes. I have had customers come in for their photo shoot looking like Barbie dolls and I can tell you that during the post work on the photos I have always spent extra time toning the makeup down.

It is obvious that this model is comfortable in front of the camera but when you look at the photo, her eyes are the feature we pay attention to the most.












For gosh sakes . . . HAVE FUN!!

I can’t say enough about this point!  It is very difficult as a photographer to go to a photo shoot with reluctant participants.  If you can lighten up a little, have fun and enjoy the shoot, it will show.  The example below shows an in-studio shot of some wild and crazy kids (my three lovelies) having fun in the studio for a Christmas photo shoot for their Grandparents.  Can you tell they are having fun?  What do you notice most?  They are at play, enjoying the moment and being their natural selves (silly, fun and happy).  I can tell you that the end result of this shoot was nothing short of marvelous!  My parents were so happy with their Christmas gift that they proudly display the collage on their wall!